Monday Is G2D Snapshot Day!

It's that time again...

              Every Monday is GNOME 2.0 Desktop SNAPSHOT DAY!

Please upload your snapshots today, or email the release team with a URL and
md5sum of your package if you do not have ftpadmin privs. Changelogs are
always greatly appreciated.

This week, we have a BONUS SNAPSHOT QUESTION:

  If there was a --news parameter to install-module, which added a README or
  NEWS file to your package's source directory, and emailed gnome-announce,
  would you use it? Would you prefer to email gnome-announce "manually"? Is
  this total crack?

Answers to this question and more in next week's installment of... GNOME TWO

[ Ahem. Thanks all. :) ]

- Jeff

      "Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly." - Robert Doisneau      

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