Button stock icon sizes [urgent]

I need a call on this:

 * The GNOME-1.2 stock buttons (OK/Cancel/Yes/No/Apply/etc.) are 20x20, as
   are the ones in GTK+-1.2 now. The new OK/Cancel icons are 24x24, but are 
   mostly alpha in the outer pixels.

 * The GTK+-2.0 standard button icon size is 24x24. 

We need to fix the discrepency, either by padding/redrawing the icons
or by changing the standard button icon size.

I don't have much of a sense of which size is better; it's competely a
question of what looks better at typical font sizes. 

If we are going to change the button icon size define, I'd like to do
it by GTK+-1.3.15, which was scheduled for today, but will probably go
out tomorrow.


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