Re: GNOME CVS: gnome-panel seth

tis 2002-02-19 klockan 16.49 skrev Mark McLoughlin:
> Hi Nils,
> On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Nils Pedersen wrote:
> > Mark,
> >
> > I don't know how hard it would be, but if this (different font/icon
> > sizes depending on screen attributes) was handled by Panel Profiles,
> > it might make more people happier?
> >
> >
> 	sure, that's the correct solution. Its a little bit more work
> than hacking in 32x32 as the default size.

Imho it should be possible to override it if it's dependent of screen
resolution because I really wouldn't want those huge icons (which takes
a long time to draw the first time) on my machine with 1600x1200 either.

> 	Since, this is clearly making people unhappy, I've reverted it
> back to 20x20 until a correct solution is implemented.


  Mikael Hallendal

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