DocBook tarballs with XML catalog support available


We have a new batch of tarballs for the latest DocBook DTD and
stylesheets.  These are the standard Norman Walsh packages with a couple
scripts and Makefiles added to make sure everything gets registered in the
XML catalogs.  Grab them from:

Thanks to Norman Walsh (author and maintainer of DocBook), Daniel Veillard
(author of XML catalog registration script and libxml), and Eric Baudais
(author of the Makefile and edits to the scripts).

Please report any problems you find.

The next stable releases of GNOME2 and ScrollKeeper will require DocBook
DTDs and stylesheets be registered in the XML catalog.


PS:  At a minimum, you should get paths from the two commands:

(a) xmlcatalog /etc/xml/catalog "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"


(b) xmlcatalog /etc/xml/catalog

and the files they refer to should actually exist on your machine.

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