Re: gnome-core HEAD is dead

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 08:58, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> 	I've just split gnome-core into gnome-desktop, gnome-session
> and gnome-panel. This is how the split looks
> 	gnome-panel: panel, applets, libpanel-applet
> 	gnome-desktop: libgnome-desktop, desktop-links, core-docs,
> 		       gnome-about, manpages, pixmaps
> 	gnome-session: gsm, smproxy
> 	The modules should build but there's a bit of polishing left
> to do. I plan to do this and the bugzilla work tommorrow ..

I think that the point has been made about communication and such, so
I'll let that bit go.  

If this change is to stay, there are a few more things that need to get
done.  A quick poll of the release team members who are on IRC right now
finds us in agreement...  If this change is to stay, we need to have new
tarballs for the GNOME 2 release that is currently staging.  Without it,
there are simply too few releases to get all of this moving and
reorganizing tested.  

The other thing that I'd like to see done is to get the depends.dia
updated to reflect how all of these modules fit together.  

> 	Oh, and thanks to Elliot for being a fiendly root :-)

Yikes!  Elliot's a fiend, I'll have to remember not to piss him off.  I
wonder what otherworldly powers he has as a result of his fiendishness. 

Portland, Oregon, USA.

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