Re: gnome-core HEAD is dead

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:

> Hey Guys,
> 	I've just split gnome-core into gnome-desktop, gnome-session
> and gnome-panel. This is how the split looks
> 	gnome-panel: panel, applets, libpanel-applet
> 	gnome-desktop: libgnome-desktop, desktop-links, core-docs,
> 		       gnome-about, manpages, pixmaps
> 	gnome-session: gsm, smproxy
> 	The modules should build but there's a bit of polishing left
> to do. I plan to do this and the bugzilla work tommorrow ..
> 	Oh, and thanks to Elliot for being a fiendly root :-)

Shouldn't this have been discussed ahead of time?


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