Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.

On Fri, 2002-02-08 at 19:40:51, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> (...)
> Sure, Gnumeric is easier to develop for us, indeed, it seems like
> Gnumeric fills a gap for a spreadsheet in the Works kind-of-space and it
> is a great technology showcase and a great place to contribute to.  But
> there should be a push to get the OpenOffice platform better publicized
> and more wildly used as well.
> I love Gnumeric Jody, I really do, but when there are way too many
> features that people need if we are hoping to deploy in large
> environments.  
> One very big feature of OpenOffice is the fact that you get the whole
> combo, and the whole combo right now is integrated.  Right now our
> AbiWord, and Gnumeric are far from having the kind of integration that
> OpenOffice has.
> I am not going to force anyone to do anything (last time I tried to
> force people, Slashdot discovered it, impeached me and demanded my
> resignation from whatever it was ;-), but maybe the OpenOffice code base
> is a better starting point to have a full office suite. 

I'm sure Slashdot will discover this e-mail too ;-)


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