Re: Possible GUADEC keynote?

<quote who="Glynn">

> I guess the notes [that I've included below] don't really do this talk
> maybe people who have seen it can jump in :)

Looks like you managed to make slashdot, however. Such a lucky chap, our
Gman. ;)

> We spend so much time designing our API's, but who taught us whether we
> should return a boolean or an integer as an error? We are not taught to
> design.

Whilst experience is probably the best guide here, can anyone recommend any
good books on software/API design? Every time I look for this kind of stuff,
I find books that lean more towards construction than anything else.

An appeal to the wealth of experience on this list. :)

- Jeff

     "It's only ironic because it's true." - Reflexive irony, overheard     

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