Re: The NEW gnome-terminal!

> After considering the discussion here, on the release team list with Havoc's
> input, and during our conference call meeting this morning, we're proposing
> to replace the current gnome-terminal code with Havoc's profterm for the
> GNOME 2.0 Desktop release.

The idea is very fine.  But that should happen in GNOME 2.1.  Everyone
had agreed that the 2.0 release is just a platform switch and not a
desktop application switch.

I think we had beaten over this subject plenty before.

>   - both gnome-terminal and profterm have remaining issues to fix before
>     release (fonts, general bugs, etc)

Gnome terminal has been under stress use for a lot longer than
profterm.  `general bugs' in profterm and gnome-terminal belong in
wildly different categories.   

>   - profterm is a far cleaner codebase to work with, which will hopefully
>     encourage more work than gnome-terminal does

Perfect 2.1 material.


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