Re: GNOME CVS (silent): gnome-control-center cwryu

On 7 Feb 2002, Jonathan Blandford wrote:

> gnomecvs cvs gnome org (Gnome CVS User) writes:
> > CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnome
> > Module name:	gnome-control-center
> > Changes by:	cwryu	02/02/06 21:45:06
> > 
> > Modified files:
> > 	po             : ChangeLog ko.po 
> > 
> > Log message:
> > Updated Korean translation
> This update seems to be broken, and breaks compilation.  I'm removing ko
> from ALL_LINGUAS until someone with some knowledge of Korean looks at
> this file.

This translation pretends to be UTF-8 encoded, while it is not. I have
converted it *really* to UTF-8, and readded ko to ALL_LINGUAS.

Translation committers, please check your file with msgfmt before
committing any translation, this will save much trouble afterwards.


PS: CC'ed to gnome-i18n.

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