Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.


As I started this thread, let me close hereby with my comment.
A suppose that my fear was not as justified as I thought.
1. Miguel and Ximian are not going to force Mono on the community.
I suppose we should not think of Mono as becoming the basis
of GNOME but rather be a complementary technology to the
more traditional ones being deployed currently, mainly to ease
development in certain domains.
2. I myself rejoice in the prospect of well-supported programming
in Haskell and Eiffel, two of my favourite languages.
3. If MS plays foul (which I expect them to do), Mono probably
will have developed enough momentum to keep on on its own,
without MS (hopefully) having any power to interfere with it.
MS will have provided basic development of an architecture,
and the Linux development community, with the zeal that we,
might outperform them.
4. In any case, full usability of Mono will is a few years in the
future. We don't know what happens in the meantime.
5. If we learn how to profit from MS without them meddling in
our affairs, all will be well :-)


Gérard Milmeister
Tannenrauchstr. 35
8038 Zürich
gemi bluewin ch

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