Mono threads


Everyone, at some point this is totally off-topic for
gnome-hackers/gnome-devel-list. There is a mono-list I believe.  The
time for debating Mono+GNOME will come when we have a concrete,
finished Mono we can propose for a concrete GNOME release.

That is, we can talk about it when we can realistically advocate
adding Mono to the list at
- that's the list that defines "What is GNOME". We do not make
decisions about including something in GNOME until we are talking
about a specific release engineering module list.

Until then the .NET debate should go elsewhere, because it's a general
.NET/Mono discussion, not a GNOME discussion. There are lots of cool
technologies that may be related to GNOME in the big picture, that are
also not on-topic here. You wouldn't post Java vs. C++ or Red Hat
Linux vs. Debian or Emacs vs. vi here, the .NET thread is in the same


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