Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.

Hmmm, Interesting...

M$ sees Java as a threat to their platform.  First they try to bend
Java, but fail.  So instead they develop a new platform that sits on top
of their old one to try to beat Java at its own game.

And along comes Miguel and fixes it so that it *can* beat Java at its
own game, where that game is threatening M$'s original platform...

If M$ thought the Java platform was a threat to Windows, what are they
going to to think of their own .NET becoming cross-platform?

They better make sure that Windows is a hell of a lot more secure,
efficient, configurable, maintainable, accessable, scalable and most of
all reliable than any of the other platforms Mono will run on if they
expect people to continue paying their license fees for it when all
their new applications will happily run anywhere without a recompile...


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