Re: Mono and GNOME. The long reply.

On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 07:06, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
You forgot about the change of license. I think a lot of
people are concerned about GNOME's license being changed
from GPL, if that would be the case.
> * Richard Stallman
> 	I am not sure what people told Richard Stallman about my
>     plans.  Given the confusion surrounding .NET, it is very possible
>     that people were asking `Miguel wants to depend on Passport' or
>     something just as bad as that.
> 	My only intention is to write applications using the CLI as a
>     development platform, which is really not very exciting for a news
>     paper to report: "Programmer to use new compiler, new garbage
>     collector, news at 11".
> 	Really, programmer's lives are boring, I wish my life would be
>     as exciting as other people's life appear to be.  
> * Further debate.
> 	I have just scratched the surface in this email, I do like a
>     lot the technology behind the .NET Framework as you might have
>     noticed from the interviews, no secret there.  I can go on for
>     hours, but I have to set a limit to this email.
> 	I hope this explanation will get us through, feel free to
>     e-mail me if you believe I have missed something or if you are
>     interested in contributing to make this vision happen.
> PS:
> 	I would like to thank Nat Friedman for providing moral,
>     technical support all these years and his unconditional
>     friendship.  It has been a fun adventure.  
> 	Without Nat I would probably have gone crazy by now.   
> PS2:
> 	I kind of got sentimental after reading all the nice e-mail on
>     the GNOME lists. After all, writing software alone is not that
>     interesting, the most interesting part is interacting with other
>     developers, and watching how community projects grow.
> 	I would like to thank all the people I have worked over the
>     years: every GNOME developer past and present, every Mono
>     developer past and present and all my friends at Ximian who have
>     created a great place to work.  
> 	This community is great, and I have loved working with an
>     increasing number of people as free software becomes more
>     popular.   I know sometimes I have been unreasonable, but I am
>     trying to learn from my mistakes.  Am just too good at being 
>     mistaken.
> Miguel.
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