Re: Need help adding battstat to gnome-applets

On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 09:33, Kevin Vandersloot wrote:
> Hi. Is there someone who knows how to do the cvs magic necessary to move
> the battstat_applet module into gnome-applets? Or is there a simple way I
> can do it? I'd be much appreciative.

ok, i copied it into gnome-applets/battstat/, with src/ copied into the
main directory.

i removed macros/, intl/, and src/.  i forget how to do .po file
merging, so you should cvs rm po/ at some point, and also unneeded files
in the toplevel.

if this makes no sense (very possible) just get back to me.

"In fact, can you imagine anything more terrifying than a zombie clown?"
	-- moby

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