Re: RELEASE: GNOME 1.4.1 Release candidate 1

On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 19:39, Rémi Cohen-Scali wrote:
>   Kjartan Maraas wrote:
> >After a long wait the GNOME community is happy to announce the
> >availability of the final release candidate before the final GNOME 1.4.1
> >release. One of the main points of this release is handling parallell
> >installs with the newly released GNOME 2.0 Alpha. Other than that
> >there's been a quite few changes since the last beta:
> >
> I have a problem with gnome-games build.
> Aisleriot define a non static scm_add_slot function which conflict with 
> libguile scm_add_slot (in libguile/goops.h).
> Here a proposed patch to fix this.

Weird, I could have sworn we had a similar fix in CVS...  
Yep, I even applied the patches myself...

Looks like that was on the trunk/HEAD branch. jpablo, should we roll
this back to the gnome-games-1-4 branch?  

Portland, Oregon, USA.

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