Re: GNOME and .NET

I agree..this looks like one of those emotional bitter conversations that
will show up in slashdot.  Now let me continue reading to see if we
managed to actually avoid this whole thing.


 On 2 Feb 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Date: 02 Feb 2002 23:58:55 -0500
> From: Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>
> To: yakk-gnome-hackers yakk net
> Cc: Michael Meeks <michael ximian com>, Ian McKellar <yakk yakk net>,
>      miguel ximian com, gnome-hackers gnome org
> Subject: Re: GNOME and .NET
> Hi,
> I think we should avoid this particular thread and focus on GNOME
> 2. Not that I've successfully avoided it in the past - but maybe we
> can learn from my mistakes. ;-)
> Havoc
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