RELEASE: GNOME Fifh Toe 1.4.1 Release candidate 1


After a long wait the GNOME community is happy to announce the
availability of the final release candidate before the final GNOME 1.4.1
release. This is a release of extra applications that aren't part of the
core desktop/libs. Still many of these apps are the most important parts
of GNOME from the user's point of view. Here's a short list of changes
since the last beta:

Guppi (0.35.5 -> 0.40.3)

* Support for graphs in gnumeric, Bug fixes...

abiword (0.9.2 -> 0.99.1)

* thesaurus support, support more image types, command-line printing,
dynamic toolbars (drag-and-drop for toolbar icons), dictionary support,
better support for import/export, bidi improvements, better support for
lists, WordPerfect importer, improved plugin handling, 

anjuta (0.1.7 -> 0.1.8)

* integration of new TagManager library - much improved autocompletion
and calltips functionality, multiple file drag-and-drop, ability to save
build message output, DOS file (CR/LF) handling, basic plugin hooks added,
better interaction with gdb

balsa (1.2.pre3 -> 1.2.4)

* better DND support, fixes for POP3, UI improvements, forward as attachment,
better IMAP connection support, threading improvements

evolution (1.0.2)

* This is a newcomer, and we shouldn't really add stuff to the stable
and all, but it's sooo goood :)

firestarter (0.7.1 -> 0.8.1)

* improved wizard, better handling of FTP (with NAT) connection and general
connection tracking improvements, port forwarding for UDP, better generated
scripts, IRC connection tracking, command line options, 

gabber (0.8.4 -> 0.8.6)

* bug fixes, better drag-n-drop support, file transfer improvements, new
normal message dialog

gal (0.11.2 -> 0.19)

* (Didn't want to to through months of ChangeLog entries for this since
it's mostly relevant for developers and they will know what changes are
in anyway if they depend on gal :)

galeon (0.12 -> 1.0.2)

* better find dialog, allow blocking of plugins, Xinerama support, proxy
autoconfiguration, bookmark searching, fixed many bugs and crashes, works
with mozilla 0.9.7.

gedit (0.9.6 -> 0.9.7)

* bug fixes

gfax (0.4.2 -> 0.5)

* rewrite to python

glimmer (1.0.8 -> 1.2.1)

* better printing support, UI improvements, improved highlighting support,
better keyboard navigation support, improved handling of symlinks,
better file dialog (including tab completion)

gnome-db (0.2.90 -> 0.2.95)

* scrollkeeper integration, optimize loading of recordsets, improved Sybase
provider, better error handling in the MySQL provider, fixed log viewer,
build and docs fixes, parallel install fixes, improved C++ bindings, fix
freezing on unsupported data types

gnome-lokkit (0.43 -> 0.50)

* bug fixes

gnomoku (1.2 -> 1.4)

* can be built with GCC 3.x, don't freeze when the network connection

gnucash (1.6.2 -> 1.6.5)

* support precious metal currencies, support TrustNet online quotes,
child accounts can be reconciled with the parent, fixed loading of
gnucash 1.4 files, euro conversion druid, bug fixes

gnumeric (0.70 -> 1.0.4)

* graph support, search implemented, optimizations and footprint reduction,
function improvements, i18n fixes, import/export improvements, support
references to named expressions in other sheets/books, improved analysis
tool, improved sampling tool, improved solver, portability fixes and more

gob (1.0.10 -> 1.0.12)

* fix bugs with export flags, fix gtk2 object creation, be more compatible
with gob2, support m4 preprocessor 

gtkhtml (0.12.0 -> 1.0.1)

* Lots of stuff. See the entry for gal.

gtm (0.4.9 -> 0.4.11)

* use OAF, support https, updated docs, new icons, improved proxy settings

libgda (0.2.90 -> 0.2.95)

* See gnome-db

pan (0.10.0 -> 0.11.1)

* too many changes to recite here. See for

radioactive (1.2.2 -> 1.4)

* render the selected station differently, tooltips for station buttons,
improved internal design

sodipodi (0.22 -> 0.24.1)

* Base64 inline image support, global opacity setting, snappoints, new
color slider widgets, save backups automatically, improved linear gradients


Please report all bugs to and remember to use
accurate version numbers and component names. Backtraces are also
essential to be able to fix any crashes that are reported. If you have
an old version of bug-buddy please upgrade to the latest at:

NOTE! Many of these apps have their own bugtracking systems. If you can't
find an appropriate product in bugzilla, chances are you are looking in the
wrong place. (Most of these are hosted on

If still in doubt look in the documentation in the package.

Kjartan Maraas

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