Re: shell "if"

Morten Welinder <terra diku dk> writes:
> Someone has started using a bash incompatibility a lot in gnome2
> sources.  This is not good.  Here's a line (from atk's configure,
> I think -- it's all over).
>      if ! $PKG_CONFIG --atleast-pkgconfig-version 0.7.0; then

This line can probably just be removed if people have it, the
PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro already contains such a thing.  (Though it may
well be the source of the bad shell, I don't know. If so it can be
fixed in that one place.)
> Can we please stop using non-standard shell stuff?

As always everyone is all for that in principle, but unless you never
get syntax errors when you run your compiler, you can't really blame
people for accidentally introducing such problems.


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