Re: copyright notice format

Am Son, 2002-12-15 um 17.21 schrieb Ole Laursen:

> I don't know if this is an issue now, but: if you use some fancy
> characters, can you be sure the will be displayed at all? Couldn't you
> just end up with a bunch of the dreaded squares if the font doesn't
> support them? Lots of downloadable fonts only support ASCII.

Most fonts seem to support at least the ISO-8859-1 range which would be
sufficient for most Latin names.  Also, fontconfig automagically uses
whatever font is available to display a certain glyph that's not
provided by the currently selected font.

> Also, in the Danish translations I've always used the ASCII
> representation of Chinese names so that the Danish users will have at
> least some chance of pronouncing the names.

I like Owens suggestion to provide both the correct name and the Latin
transliteration.  In any case this not a problem that should be solved
at the translation level -- gettext() should not be used to work around
insufficient font setups.


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