bugs that don't suck because they are dead :)

Considering how pleasant it was to say that 500 bugs were fixed between
beta 3 and beta 4, and considering how depressing some of my other
friday emails are, I thought I'd start sending out a quick list of
important bugs that /did/ get fixed by way of thanks to the people who
fixed them :) Redhat, Ximian and Sun folks get enough recognition so
I've dropped them out ;)

*Benedikt Roth nailed a bunch of bugs in panel, nautilus, and gdm,
including a really irritating one with keynav in the new gdm greeter.
*Dave Bordoley made nautilus a lot more HIG compliant, and has more
patches on the way.
*fcrozat only fixed two bugs... but... they were in esound so they get a
special mention. :)
*Bastien Nocera (hadess) fixed a couple gnome-games bugs and did some
other porting work; as a result we may actually have some games in g2 :)
*Our very own George Lebl returned from the dead, fixing icon selection
[76640] and a couple others.
*John Harper fixed a number of Sawfish bugs, including the nastiness
with there being only 4 workspaces [74904] and respecting the new panel
properties [66608].
*Kevin V. fixed a slew of utils stuff.
*Murray Cummings fixed some bonobo problems, and made corresponding
changes across a number of apps.

A big thanks to all of you. 

Lots of other people fixed things... I hope that anyone who feels left
out will take out their anger on bugzilla, fix more things, and force me
to include you next time. :)

Thanks again-

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