I just found an annoying issue that adds 5 seconds to your login
time. If you are seeing the message "mkdir: owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix
should be set to root" then try chowning that directory to root. 

Otherwise gnome-session hits this code path in libICE:

            if (updateOwner && !updatedOwner) {
                PRMSG(1, "mkdir: Owner of %s should be set to root\n",
                      path, 0, 0);
            if (updateMode && !updatedMode) {
                PRMSG(1, "mkdir: Mode of %s should be set to %04o\n",
                      path, mode, 0);

Anyway, both of my machines had a non-root owner for .ICE-unix. I
don't know how this happens, what the perms are supposed to be, or in
general have any idea at all what is going on. But chowning manually
seems to fix it.

Anyone know what is going on here? Presumably it's a security issue in
addition to causing a sleep(5)...



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