Re: On the cost of libraries

On 02Sep2001 09:22PM (-0400), Owen Taylor wrote:
> Well, if you don't mind lots of gtkwidgetP.h type files this works
> fine. If my non-exported functions are methods on a widget, I'd really
> like them in the main header for the widget... after all, the headers
> shouldn't be the primary form of documentation.

In most libraries I hack on actively (gnome-vfs, bonobo-activation,
eel, libnautilus*, etc) there's already always a separate private
header. I think this is a bit cleaner, and helps those of us who do
use the headers as docs somewhat. (We usually call them foo-private.h
rather than fooP.h).

It's certainly OK for the Gtk+ convention on this to be different,

> The normal approach on windows is something on the order of:
>  G_EXTERN void my_function_to_export ();
> Rather ugly, but certainly explicit. 

That seems like unnecessary header uglification, though it would
probably be easy to parse.
 - Maciej

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