Re: DRAFT Human Interface Guide release (0.1)

> > 
> > Release the hounds!
> (From the toolbars page)
> For discussion: A few people only want to recommend one type of toolbar.
> Which should it be? We can't really recommend the GAL one because it's
> not part of core GNOME. On the other hand, the Gtk one is somewhat
> clunky, and projects like Evo, AbiWord etc. are unlikely to switch to it
> anyime soon.
> ===
> Which is "The GAL one"?
> If it is the [** Description][**][**] (where ** is an image) then this
> is done with bonobo and can be changed between image only, image and
> text or image and priority text mode. This is the one I would recommend
> personally.

I sure wish it had a text-only mode though.  Icons are mostly pointless.

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