Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action)

Alan Cox <alan redhat com> writes:

> > One tool built on zope that thas been very effective in our
> > handhelds work is the zope based wiki collaboration software, allowing
> > lots of people to add stuff to our web site.
> Wiki only works well because isnt a very public site. You
> only have to look at the gnotices stuff (which someone really _does_ need
> fix even more than the main web site) to see what would happen if Wiki was
> tried on the gnome site

Note that gnotices was running very OLD versions of Zope and squishdot
until recently. It has been much more stable since we upgraded to
the latest versions a few weeks ago. (It still leaks memory slowly,
but other than that seems to be staying up.)
Not that I don't have some concerns about Zope, and would be a bit uncomfortable
using it as the primary content manager for

 - You basically do everything by editing the site live 

 - There is no version control over the content and scripts in an obvious
   simple way. (The site isn't in CVS)

 - I'd have some concerns about performance if it was handling every 
   page on - it is in Python in the end.

 - It's complicated. And not well documented.


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