gettext (accidental?) update


I'm glad that my voice has been heard (well, it was my first thought), and
gettext has been upgraded to 0.10.38.

However, the new files have not been committed. Also the log file for the
VERSION file (and for all others) is somewhat strange:

revision 1.6
date: 2001/06/29 00:22:32;  author: jody;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1
Release 0.67

What release 0.67? What's all that about? Such radical changes should not
be combined into the same commit with the changes in some application!

It would be nice to have fingerd running on Who is "jody"
and how am I supposed to find out?

I don't like personal attacks, It looks like that somebody has write
access to CVS without understanding how it works. "cvs add" should be
followed by "cvs commit". Log messages should be meaningful. This is the
bare minimum that every GNOME developer should know!

It's possible that gettext was upgraded accidentally. Normally I would
advocate immediate rollback, but in this case I'm asking you no to do so -
upgrading gettext is the right thing to do.

gettext-0.10.35 doesn't support automatic recoding of the messages. This
is a very serious limitation. It really should have been upgraded.

I have committed the missing files for gettext-0.10.38, because lack of
them prevented me from making daily snapshots of GNU Midnight Commander.

Pavel Roskin

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