RE: GNOME 1.4.1 "Phoenix rising"?

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> From: Frederic Crozat [mailto:fcrozat mandrakesoft com]
> Le 27 Jun 2001 23:51:33 +0200, Kjartan Maraas a écrit :
> > I was feeling bored today and thought maybe a new GNOME 
> release would
> > make me feel better. So, I've compiled a list of new releases of
> > packages since 1.4.0 and wondered if you good people would 
> be so kind as
> > to comment on the releasability of these packages.
> > 
> > If we can agree on a set of packages there shouldn't be much work in
> > doing the actual release, should there? /me runs
> > 
> > xalf-0.7              xalf-0.7                (*)
> xalf is now at 0.12 (and it should really be upgrade since it corrects
> important bugs..)

I've been meaning to ask this question for a while.  What do we do with the
parts of the GNOME release that don't live at  There are a number
of fifth-toe applications which fit this bill, but I think xalf is the only
one that was part of the main release.  I'm concerned that people will look
at the ftp site, or, see what's there, and assume that
they've got the latest version, when there are newer versions available.
What can we do about this potential problem?

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