Re: Release coordination - a clarification

On 22 Jun 2001 22:54:31 +0200, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Hi guys,
> as you might already know, I'm now finally back as GNOME 2.0 release
> coordinator, and Sander Vesik and me are now starting to assemble
> the final GNOME 2.0 release team.
> So this stupid and nonsense-less flame-war is now finally over.
> However, there are always some idiots on this planet and it looks to
> me like Red Hat's marketing department is at least confused about
> why I initially decided to step down.
> My friend Miguel de Icaza from Ximian told me that they're getting
> flamed from Red Hat and Dennis Powel because Red Hat claims that
> Ximian forced me to step down as release coordinator.

Red Hat makes absolutely *no* claims to that effect. I do not know
where you heard this but if it came from any formal Red Hat/Ximian
talks a) you have no right to hear such things b) it is still
completely wrong.

Were we upset by you stepping down briefly? Yes we were. Did anyone in
this company think it was 'all Ximian's fault'? No. Were we upset by
the weekend's flamewar? As much as anyone - but not as far as you seem
to think. I will stand up for any opinion coming out of any Red Hat
employee - not because I think we are always right but because I am
proud that we allow opinions. Opinions can start arguments but they
can lead to bigger and better visions as well.

We look upon Ximian as we look upon any company in the Linux
space... friends with a common battle. Probably more-so as before they
were all in the company now known as Ximian they were our good
friends. I can only give everyone my word on that - I hope that is

Please do not listen to the press' conspiracy theories. Please do not
listen to individual's conspiracy theories. Lets all grow up, work on
GNOME and quit giving out more inaccurate fodder for people to feed
on. When you reach a level of success (GNOME, Ximian, Red Hat) people
are always looking for something bad to say about you. We can accept
these things as a sign of our success but we don't need to perpetuate
them or buy into them.


Dave Mason

David Mason
dcm redhat com 
(919)547-0012 x248

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