Re: GNOME Enhancement Procedure

> I second Maciej here, this is not how Free Software works. Bureaucracy
> is not going to help us fix the problem. 

I agree that a bureaucracy isn't going to work, but *somehow* we need to
be able to make large platform decisions.

> but at the end of the day there is a clear leader who will have to
> take a desition one way or the other.

Who? The board? I would prefer the board not get too involved with
making these sort of techinical decisions. They have enough on their
plates as it is, the people on the board are not always the best
technical people to make the decisions, and one phone meeting every week
or two is not always enough time to make a ruling.

All the procedure does is ensure that relevent people are involved and
ensure that people know what's going on. You're right, though: we can't
really do a whole lot to enforce it short of forking a project. At the
same time, though, if the people out there have a real problem with the
idea of a process, they ought to speak up, and I'm glad you did. How do
you propose we prevent things like the gconf/bonobo-conf thing from
happening again and ensure that the community has an idea of what is
going on?


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