Re: GNOME Enhancement Procedure

> More as they come to me. :)

The only thing that concerns me about the whole process is how things
that do not fall completely within the GNOME project will work with it.
GConf and GTK+ are examples that I can think of offhand.

Using GTK+ as an example, if the GObject or ATK stuff were being done
after this were in place, would they have to submit to this process as
well as the normal GTK+ process? (Which is usually a proposal to the
list, some discussion, and approval from Havoc, Owen and/or Tim)

If they wanted to put GnomeCanvas (or some other large scale widget, or
gdk-pixbuf, or whatever) in GTK, do they have to follow the process?
What if it gets turned down, despite arguing that it might be of benefit
to more people? I doubt we would end up forking GTK, but how would we
enforce this?


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