Suggestion - discuss in orderly fashion

All the threads seem to be coming back over and over again to
the same GConf vs. bonobo-conf* issues, which get argued
again and again.

Why don't we:

 A) Find someone to write up a summary
 B) Everybody contributes to the summary until they are happy
    that it covers all viewpoints.
 C) Then restart the discussion from there if need be.

Until then, can we declare GConf and bonobo-config to be off-limits
for discussion? I don't think the running flamewar is really
doing a good job of bringing out all the relevant issues
or resolving them.

Suggestions about things that could be in the summary:

 * Differences in interfaces:

     gconf_client_ vs. bonobo_pbclient_ vs. Bonobo_PropertyBag

 * Ability to reuse code for things other than preferences

 * Features in GConf that may be missing from bonobo-conf or
   vice versa, such as database stacking, schemas, etc.

 * Value to the user and system adminstrator

 * Client-server architecture

 * Error handling

 * Ability to store complex structures in the config database

 * Ability to maintain compatibility when set of setttings changes,
   in particular when storing complex structures in the config 

 * Migration of existing settings to GNOME-2.0

 * Degree of the systems have been tested / deployed. Perhaps
   a list of where each is currently in use.


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