Re: Time to calm down and to look into the future

On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 02:24:20PM +0200, Martin Baulig wrote:
> However, Maciej's mail finally gave me the impression that I failed. That I
> failed with everything. Both with being release coordinator and with being
> maintainer of libgnome(ui). Suddenly, I was in the situation that it looked to
> me like the board was trying to kick me as release coordinator and to replace
> me with someone else.

  Certainly not. When we decided on the release coordinators there was an
unanymous feeling that you had both the technical knowledge, the overall
vision of the architecture and being respected by the community, i.e. you
are a perfect release coordinator. The only concern was precisely about the
fact you did not finish your university degree yet. All this is still true
and there was no discussion about changing this. Just concerns about the
plans and roadmap to get Gnome-2.0 out.

> And Maciej suggested that Havoc should just go ahead and
> revert things in a module which I was maintaining. Other people even agreed
> with him about this, so it looked to me as if I also failed as maintainer.

  IMHO the problem was raised artificially by the fact that the Gnome-2.0
platform which is the target of this effort is underspecified. This created
a divergence of opinion and you were wearing 2 different hats, it's always
hard to handle.
  I don't think anybody would have reverted a change from the maintainer,
Maciej actually suggested the best would be that you revert this for
gnome-2.0. And in any case it was not a Board viewpoint.

> Give me a few days to reconsider, please.
> Away until Friday,

  Relax, work on what you feel is the most important. We are all respectful
of the work you have done for Gnome.



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