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Yet another GNOME mailing list? Perhaps you've said this facetiously [*],
but one point needs to be made: Communication in the GNOME community is
being fractured by the multiplicity of mailing lists, a number of which are

Take User Interface work:

  gnome-gui-list: Mostly written off and ignored by hackers and UI dudes,
    though it has seen some sane points thanks to people such as Calum
    (who was almost single-handedly saving it) and Liam Quin.

  gnome-ui-hackers: Kicked off in one of (Bouncing) Miguel's swooping
    attacks of interest. Stillborn.

  usability: The "cool people's" list for discussion and, currently,
    development of the GNOME Usability Guidelines. Very sane, if you regard
    the posters as any more than g-g-l posters with a standing in the

Now we have gnome-love, which is essentially gnome-devel with more detailed
answers and kinder replies. We *absolutely* needed more focus on new
developers, documentation, answering basic questions and welcoming people to
the community... But whenever there are pangs of guilt or realisations that
we're not doing all we can to fix up certain problems in GNOME, will it
always require the creation of a new mailing list?

Fractured communication and dispersal of ideas and input is a bad thing for
GNOME... We to 'rally the troops' better than herding everyone to new
mailing lists and such.

- Jeff

[*] Or perhaps not, but my points here are directed more widely than the
originating post. :)

  For a list of points detailing how technology has failed to improve our   
                           lives, please press 3.                           

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