Call for help at LinuxWorld


Any hacker who is attending LinuxWorld next week is invited to help out
in the GNOME booth, and we have plenty of open shifts available (see

Please reply back with your name and a number if you can work during one
or several of the 1-20 open spots. We have two shifts per day, but if
the shifts don't coincide with your booth duties at your respective
companies and organizations, we will try to be flexible.

Also, if anyone will be in NYC during the set-up day 1/30/01, please let
Leslie Proctor  <lproctor alexanderogilvy com>  know by email so we can
coordinate a time to meet.


LinuxWorld NYC GNOME booth schedule

Set-up 1/30/01 1/31/01 1/31/01 2/1/01 2/1/01 2/2/01 2/2/01 2/2/01
Shift Time Call for time 10AM-2PM 2PM-6PM 10AM-2PM 2PM-6PM 10AM-1PM 1PM-4PM 4PM-6PM
Workstation 1 Open Open 1 Open 4 Open 7 Open 10 Open 13 Open 16 Clean-Up
Workstation 2 Open Open 2 Open 5 Open 8 Open 11 Open 14 Open 17 Open 19
T-shirt Table
Greg 3 Leslie 6 Open 9 Open 12 Open 15 Open 18 Open 20

Contacts at LWE

Leslie Proctor: cell 813-395-4482

Greg Corrin: cell 919-225-8661

Jacob K. Javits

655 West 34th Street

New York, NY

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