RE: GNOME booth @ LWCE NYC - Can you demo?

e-mail me (lproctor aopr com) if you're interested.  Greg Corrin and I are
setting up a volunteer list.



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Subject: GNOME booth @ LWCE NYC - Can you demo?

Hats off to Chris Gabriel who has put together volunteers for the 
FSF/GNOME booth in Amsterdam at Linux Expo this week.  Now.....

We still need volunteers for the GNOME booth in New York.

IBM is loaning 3 Netfinity boxes, so those need to be configured on
30 January.  Friendly GNOME hackers are needed for the expo hours
	31 January	10 am - 6 pm
	 1 February     10 am - 6 pm
	 2 February     10 am - 4 pm

and for the dismantling/packing up

         2 February      4 pm - 6 pm

Leslie Proctor has the furnishing/banners/cards under control. Now 
we just need friendly bodies and articulate minds.  Anyone want to
coordinate the scheduling of people & time slots?


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