Re: URIs vs. half-baked URIs [glib PATCH]

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 01:34:22PM -0700, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Daniel, do you know if there's ever going to be an update of rfc1738
> that is updated to take rfc2396 into account? It's hard to know which
> takes precedence sometimes:

  It's really confusing ... 2396 intros says it "updates" not "obsoletes"
1738, and that it actually don't touch the specific schemes definitions
(which was the initial issue). On the other hand it still did intent to
replace them I just checked and that something which I was pointed out

  I checked Larry's list of published RFC's and it doesn't seems he updated
specifically the file:// scheme.

  I think it's sane to say 1738 still holds for the file scheme definition
and hence keep the complete form file://

  There is also a pointer to the IRI (and not IURI as I wrote previously)
it's just a draft but it reinforces that the right way to handle non ASCII
char should be to UTF8 encode them before conversion:

Section 2.3) Mapping of IRIs to URIs

This mapping can be accomplished by the following steps:

   1) Represent the IRI characters as a sequence of characters from the

   2) Normalize the character sequence according to Normalization Form
      C, as defined in [IETFNorm].  (See further discussion in Section

   3) For each character that is not in the US-ASCII repertoire, apply
      the following:

     3.1) Convert the character to a sequence of one or more octets
          using UTF-8 [RFC 2279]. Note: All resulting octets will have
          values greater than 127.

     3.2) Convert each octet to %HH, where HH is the hexadecimal
          notation of the octet value. Note: This is identical to the
          escaping mechanism in Section 2.4.1 of [RFC 2396].

     3.3) Replace the original character by the resulting character


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