Re: Thinking about Dogfood

Den 13 Aug 2001 15:44:29 +0500, skrev Vlad Harchev:
> On 13 Aug 2001, Kjartan Maraas wrote:
>  :)

/me looks. Hmm. looks familiar... ;)


> > 
> > I think the main problem is a lack of quality bugreports. The developers
> > seem to be capable of solving what problems are reported to them. If
>  Yes, members of gnome-cyr gnome org are trying to submit as much bugreports
> as possible. And also I remember that a list of i18n-related problems in
> Evolution were presented to developers in March (inability to select charset
> of the message when viewing particular email, inability to support headers
> with chars with 8th bit set in them and inability to select charset of the
> outgoing messages (yes, not a most important one, was fixed) and a lot of
> cosmetic but very important for usability ones - like
> and
> - were both pointed out in
> March).

I see your point, but also consider that the first and foremost priority
for getting to 1.0 is to get features in place. I think they've already
said that i18n is a priority before the final 1.0 release is out.

>  Yes, developers seem to be capable, but it seems they are not that
> motivated.

Motivate them. Show up on irc on bugdays if you are able, mail people
asking why nothing is being done, look at the code and point them in the
right direction if you can etc, etc, etc.

> > they turn out not to, you can give them a hand, right? :)
>  I would love to if I was hired by Ximian.

I think I know better approaches to being hired than calling your
prospective employers product broken :)


>  You are happy user of latin1 - and state of affairs can seem pretty good from
> your POV. Ask any Japanese or greek or russian person and you'll be told that
> they've already migrated to KDE due to extremely weak support of i18n in gnome
> programs.

I visited your world and could quickly see that things are indeed a bit
worse in russian. But I might have a sub-optimal setup for Russian so I
won't be to verbose about stuff. The most notable thing I saw was that
nautilus was unable to display sizes and number of entries under the
icons on the desktop. Also confirmed the already mentioned bug in the

Oh well, the only thing I can say is that I think the developers feel
that any help is appreciated.


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