Re: Thinking about Dogfood

On Mon, Aug 13, 2001 at 12:24:48AM -0700, Seth Nickell wrote:
> > Please remember as we are going through this process that there are a
> > lot of refurbished computers out there just waiting for Linux and GNOME
> > to come and brighten up their lives. Keep it looking swish and wonderful
> > on the latest hardware, but make it runnable on the little boxes as
> > well.
> Run an older version of GNOME from the same era as the hardware. I think
> its silly to be constantly insisting on the latest software when older
> software was actually designed to run on those systems.

By that logic, users won't be able to use the accessibility additions
and they won't be able to have Gnome correctly display (and enter) their
text, unless they speak use one of the common European alphabets. They
will also have to run older, less-featureful versions of gnumeric and
abiword and so many other things.

It should be possible to run a sort of Gnome 2.0-lite setup. You won't
be able to run things will all the bells and whistles turned on, but
that's ok. I really hope this will not become an issue of "this is my
dead horse and I reserve the right to flog it", over the coming months.
I am willing to do some of the work myself to work out how to make this
happen (I bought a machine of those sort of specs just for testing these
things recently, but haven't set it up yet). 

/me draws line in the sand.


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