Status of GNOME sysadmin work

Just wanted to quickly update people on where we are with all
the recent changes on

 * The move of the servers to Red Hat headquarters 
   from the colocation facility is finshed.

 * We've upgraded the mail and web servers to much nicer
   machines. (both dual 2.8Ghz PIV xeon, 2G memory).
   (A third identical machine will be added shortly to
   act as a database backend)
 * Mailman has been upgraded to 2.1. 

 * We're now nfs exporting home directories across all the
   servers. This mostly affects the small group of people
   who can log into multiple machines.

 * We've moved to a LDAP user database; again this should
   be pretty invisible to users, but makes adminstration

 * We've switched from passwords to SSH keys for login 
   authentication. If you have a login account, you should
   have gotten a mail with instructions for providing
   an SSH key. Those with login accounts can also start
   using these keys for CVS currently, we'll be migrating
   the rest of the CVS users over the next few weeks.

Known regressions:

 * Some blogs are not working currently; I think this
   is basically people needing to rearrange their homedir
   contents or change homedirs permissions after the
   great homedir consolodation.

 * Private archives aren't working on

 * post-only gnome org isn't working currently.

 * CVS and login account addition at the moment is a bit
   clumsy, so may continue to be a bit slow.

If you find anything else please let us (gnome-sysadmin gnome org) 


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