Changes to bugzilla maint aliases


You're getting this e-mail either because you're on a bugzilla
*-maint bugzilla gnome org alias, or because you're reading
gnome-hackers. If you on are a maint alias, it's quite important that
you read it.


The way bugzilla maint aliases are handled is changing.

o This has the following user-visible effect:

Mail is addressed directly to YOU, instead of the maintainer alias.

A small number of people may need to change their mail filters as a
result of this. I apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause.

o You can now add and remove yourself from maint aliases without using
CVS. (The CVS way is obsoleted.) You do this by going to and listing the
aliases you wish to be on in the "Users to watch" box.

o Your email preferences will now be respected by e-mail sent to maint
aliases. For example, if you select the "Only email me reports of
changes made by other people" option, this will work correctly now as
will all the other options on that page. Hopefully this will result in
people getting less e-mail they do not wish to receive.

The latter two points listed above are the rationale for the change.


You are advised to go to your e-mail preference page now and ensure you
are on the maint aliases you would expect to be on. I've done my best to
make this change as painless as possible. If there are any queries,
please get in touch with bugmaster gnome org 



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