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With this book, current and would-be GNOME developers can come up to
speed with the building blocks of GNOME development: GLib, GTK, and the

The GNOME 2 Developer's Guide gives the reader a solid introduction to
these GNOME building blocks and teaches the reader how to fully
understand the various libraries and API's that are used to build GNOME

	Use the GTK widget set to design user-friendly interfaces
	Learn the GNOME framework, extension widgets, and GConf to build
graphical applications
	Discover the GNOME virtual file system (GNOMEVFS), a powerful means of
navigating the system
	Learn the GLib standard data structures, algorithms, utilities, and the
GObject system
	Point and click with Glade and libglade for GNOME-style rapid
application development
	Learn the roles of pkg-config, GNU Autotools, and other software
building automation tools


This book is published under the Creative Commons NonCommercial-Share
Alike 1.0 License.


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