New Love Day, call for hackers

	Hi GNOME Hackers!

We're are planning a new and exciting GNOME Love day for the next Tuesday
(20th Apr) and we need your help. GNOME 2.7 is in the most beautiful
development phase: new features, new code, crack, brokeness!!

	If you want to feel the love, please, make a short list of
hacks, enhacements, or whatever you want for your application, keeping
in mind that this should done by a newcomer, so it should be an easy-fix
or a mid-easy-fix. Pointers or comments would about how to
do it would be great. A really good example of a good hacker asking for
love in the good way(tm) is this post from Federico:

	So please, post your ideas to gnome-love mailing list or just
set them up on a web page, or send it to me, and we will try to work on
them in the GNOME love day (again, 20th Apr on #gnome-love). Of course,
if you could be on IRC that day (3rd time!, 20th Apr on #gnome-love) it
would be really great.

	Lot of thanks!


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas
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