Putting MonoDevelop into gnome's cvs repo


I am wondering if putting MD into gnome's cvs would be possible. There
are a couple reasons we are looking to do this.

We would like MonoDevelop to become a complete gnome application,
following the HIG, so enabling other gnome developers to easily access
the code would end up being a huge help. I have recently gone ahead and
setup MonoDevelop to use gettext for translation, so the application is
completely translatable, however the mono project has no translators,
and gnome has an excellent translation team. 

MonoDevelop is currently hosted in a subversion server running on the
mono-cvs box, this situation has left us without an anonymous mirror,
which has made life pretty difficult. I have resorted to posting
snapshots of MD on a website for people to download. Needless to say,
this is not a feasible solution. Moving to gnome's cvs would provide us
with a good anonymous repo to promote the testing of the application.

The only potentially issue is that there are some MD developers who do
not have write access to gnome's cvs, and would need it to continue


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