Re: GNOME Fith Toe 2.4.0 released!


> We received the addition request 2 weeks ago. I sent you an email saying
> woot woot I love this thing you're in! LOL  but I see you never received
> it. It's been a bit hectic here and I missed following up with you on
> it.

Not a problem, with the amount of spam/viruses I've been getting
recently I've been quite aggressive with the delete key on my inbox. :/

> There will be a calender posted up with the projected release times but
> we'll be loading up a 2.4.1 release for the 24th most likely. It turned
> out to be a good thing we didn't finalize the release until after I
> returned from vacation as a whole bunch of apps made new tarballs that
> weekend.

I best try and fix the thread crasher!

> At any rate congrats on sound juicer! It's really a cool thing.

Thanks, glad you like it.

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