Re: GNOME "Telephony Application Programming Services" Proposed

What would be the main difference between that system, and a system
using the existing GnomeMeeting and phones managed by GnomeMeeting
itself thanks to additional hardware? GnomeMeeting is already able to
interact with PC-To-Phone gateways and to interact with normal phone

Is your goal very different?


Le mar 04/02/2003 à 21:08, David Sugar a écrit :
> Have you ever wondered why you have phone numbers collected in your
> Evolution address book, and yet must manually re-enter numbers on your
> office telephone when you wish to dial someone?  Would you like to be able
> to receive pop-up notification on who's calling you with the ability to
> route incoming calls you do not wish to answer under mouse control?  To 
> mark specific calls as billable clients as they occur to track their time 
> for automated invoicing?
> We hope to be able to finally address these and other issues for both
> GHOME desktop users and business application developers in a new free software 
> package being proposed to be known as GNOME TAPS.  This being a project 
> proposal, I am establishing a project outline and a set of goals.  With that, 
> this announcement constitutes a call for help and request for input from 
> other GNOME developers in establishing a functional implementation.
> GNOME TAPS will offer a C callable library to easily integrate telephony
> functions into existing GNOME applications.  It will use a common TCP
> based backend protocol to communicate directly with office telephone
> equipment and services, and ideally for use with free software based 
> telephone systems such as GNU Bayonne.  It will include an applet to
> pop-up and support handling of incoming calls.  It will include a gnome
> control-center plugin for setting of telephony options.
> The first goal will be to support and demonstrate a C callable library and
> implement a backend service on GNU Bayonne to support the functionality of
> dialing numbers that may be clicked on or otherwise delivered under
> application control.  This would be followed by development of a GNOME
> desktop applet to respond to incoming calls, and finally work on a
> complete control center plugin to configure and manage GNOME TAPS.
> Initial discussion and design planning for GNOME TAPS will be carried out
> on a new mailing list, bayonne-desktop gnu org   This list is open to the
> public and may be subscribed by sending email to
> bayonne-desktop-request gnu org   Comments may also be sent to me
> directly, to sugar gnu org 
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