Metacity Re: Sun's window manager strategy

Aye... I remember when sawmill was new and light and
fast, and I was one of the first to praise it as the
ideal window manager for Gnome.  It used to be faster
than icewm.  

However, as it grows, it acquires new features and
eventually becomes slow and icewm feels speedy by

Now we see sawmill/sawfish is being retired. 
Hopefully the new window manager, Metacity, and other
GNOME software, can avoid the life cycle of Sawfish.

--- Glynn Foster <glynn foster sun com> wrote:
> Hey there,
> As most of you probably all know by now, Sun has
> decided to drop Sawfish
> in favour of Metacity for its release of GNOME 2
> later this year. 
> This decision has been based on issues such as
> accessibility,
> maintainability of the code [1], documentation,
> multi-head support and a
> general eagerness from the community to commit to
> Metacity in the
> future. We feel it is in Sun's best interest to go
> with Metacity.

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