patch to esound to use ARts (KDE sound subsystem) if it's running


 It seems yet another step in cooperation between KDE and GNOME can be made
now. Igor Mokrushin <igor at avtomir dot ru> has prepared a patch against latest
ESD (Enlightened Sound Daemon) that makes it using ARts if ARts is already 
started for the current user. 
 The patch doesn't require esd to be linked with arts libraries - it opens
ARts C API library dynamically using dlopen(3). Full functionality of esd 
(playing and recording) is supported if working via ARts. Majority of 
sound APIs supported by esd are adapted for ARts use - only the HPUX sound
system backend is not yet supported. Of course if ARts is not run for current
user, esd will perform its functions in a usual way. 
 Essentially this patch allows GNOME apps (and other apps linked with esd lib)
not to be mute if run under KDE.

 The patch looks clean. Whether the ESD can utilize is selected at compile 
time is controlled by via yet another option for configure script.
 Since ARts libraries are loaded dynamically, the esd with this patch won't
have a package dependancy on ARts; it even doesn't have build-time dependancy
 The patch was placed in bugzilla:

 Please consider intergrating this patch into ESD distribution. It would be
nice if it went into gnome2.

 Please forward this message to other mailing lists that you think are 

 Best regards,

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