BETA 3: Where have all the tarballs gone?

Hi all,

We have received remarkably little in the way of released tarballs for this
week's beta release. It's now Tuesday in every corner of the planet, but

If you have not released updated tarballs of your modules, please reply to
this email. We will accept one of the following answers:

  - "I/we have not fixed any bugs."

  - "My/our module does not have any bugs lodged against it, and is
    therefore ready for final release."

  - "Can't you see that I/we are yak-herding in Nepal? Away with thee!"

  - "I/we will release a tarball today at the very latest."

We're doing very well, and receiving a lot of praise for the (kickarse)
performance and new features in G2D. But we have to keep working to the
schedule, and make sure that code is out there for testing.


- Jeff

     "Funny, I have no trouble distinguishing my mobile phone from the      
       others because it's in my _own fucking pocket_!" - Mobile Rage       
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