Build sheriff proposal ...

* A proposal for guidelines for build sheriffs - 0.0.2

** Abstract

	Since it is important that we keep CVS HEAD of many modules in
a build-able, and distributable state across Gnome, we have decided
to propose a system of 'Build Sheriffs'. These would patch the sort of
build brokenness commonly causing tinderbox builds against CVS to

	This would essentially entail asking each maintainer for
approval for build sheriff maintenance of their module. It is
important to stress that this privilege may not be used to compromise
the maintainers authority over quality control and code committed.

	Thus it seems sensible to lay out a set of rules for sheriffs
to circumscribe the actions they may take, and state their

** The appointment of build sheriffs

	We anticipate that since the role of sheriffs is limited
to modules that are stable, or in the process of release engineering,
that the release team will appoint suitable persons to this role.

** The role of a build sheriff

	+ A build sheriff may only commit to modules where the HACKING
	  file makes explicit provision for their general role, or in
	  the case of specifically named sheriffs, only those named may

	+ The sheriff is to make minimal changes, and only those
	  changes that are directly related to fixing any given set of
	  build issues.

	+ Before making any change themselves, the sheriff should make
	  a reasonable attempt to contact relevant maintainers to get
	  them to fix the breakage.

	+ Whenever a patch is committed by a sheriff, that patch must
	  be sent to the maintainers, and optionally the relevant
	  project development mailing list.

	+ On the rare occasions that a patch is reverted, the text of
	  the offending patch will suffice, sent to the relevant

	+ If subsequently the maintainers wish any changes made to be
	  backed out, the build sheriff should where possible act
	  quickly to restore the module to the state in which it was found.

** Maintainers

	Maintainers of all modules are encouraged to add general
provision for sheriffs, by appending: "build sheriff commits welcome"
to their HACKING files. alternatively, something like "the following
people may commit as build sheriffs: A.N.Other" would limit the list
of approved sheriffs to those named.


		the release team.

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