Re: random thought about bug-buddy (in the 'very long term thinking' category)

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 19:16, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hey Luis,
> On 8 Jul 2002, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Also, FWIW, there is no way to make bugzilla have per-version
> > maintainers, and the infrastructure for that is going to be hellishly,
> > hellishly ugly. So most likely maintainers are going to continue to at
> > least get email from huge #s of old, crap installations for some time,
> > even if they can ignore it in queries. Maintainers, this means you
> > should be on my side in this discussion ;)
> 	Why can't bugzilla not block these from being logged in the
> first place? That would solve the problem now, and in the future.

You didn't read the rest of the thread, did you? :) 


P.S. Start with, say, any of the ones from Wayne Schuller or Kjartan.
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